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Date Press Release
December 2016
31-12-2016 Removing Karuvelam Trees News PDF Icon [Tamil(20 KB)]
27-12-2016 Child Protection News PDF Icon [Tamil(332 KB)]
21-12-2016 OA Post in Animal Husbandary Department PDF Icon [Tamil(40 KB)]
20-12-2016 Unemployed Youth Employment Generation Programme News PDF Icon [Tamil(64 KB)]
15-12-2016 Smart Card (Ration Card) PDF Icon [Tamil(37 KB)]
14-12-2016 Sports News PDF Icon [Tamil(220 KB)]
03-12-2016 Village Assistant Post PDF Icon [Tamil(46 KB)]
November 2016
26-11-2016 Employment News PDF Icon [Tamil(37 KB)]
26-11-2016 Aadhaar News PDF Icon [Tamil(45 KB)]
14-11-2016 Inspection by Deputy Election Commissioner, New Delhi for Aravakuichi AC Election PDF Icon [Tamil(33 KB)]
09-11-2016 Public Holiday for Aravakurichy AC on Polling day PDF Icon [Tamil(44 KB)]
08-11-2016 Dr.BR.Ambedkar Award PDF Icon [Tamil(29 KB)]
08-11-2016 Booth Slip Distribution for Aravakurichi AC General Election-2016 PDF Icon [Tamil(219 KB)]
October 2016
20-10-2016 Control Room for Aravakurichy AC General Election-2016 PDF Icon [Tamil(28 KB)]
19-10-2016 Collector Meeting with Nodal Officers for Aravakurichy AC General Election-2016 PDF Icon [Tamil(29 KB)]
18-10-2016 All Party Meeting and Press Meet for Aravakurichy AC General Election-2016 PDF Icon [Tamil(25 KB)]
September 2016
27-09-2016 EVMs for the Local Body Elections PDF Icon [Tamil(19 KB)]
27-09-2016 GDP News PDF Icon [Tamil(39 KB)]
27-09-2016 Rules for Officers those involved in the Local Body Elections PDF Icon [Tamil(28 KB)]
21-09-2016 House Toilet Scheme PDF Icon [Tamil(19 KB)]
21-09-2016 Election News PDF Icon [Tamil(146 KB)]
20-09-2016 Amma Thitta Schedule PDF Icon [Tamil(42 KB)]
11-09-2016 Summary revision of rolls PDF Icon [Tamil(27 KB)]
01-09-2016 Releasing of Draft Electoral Roll PDF Icon [Tamil(27 KB)]
August 2016
26-08-2016 Approval for the Draft Polling Booth List for Local Body Elections  PDF Icon [Tamil(140 KB)]
25-08-2016 Vaccination Camp for Cattles  PDF Icon [Tamil(25 KB)]
24-08-2016 Skill Development Training  PDF Icon [Tamil(37 KB)]

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