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District Museums are multipurpose Museums like the Central Museum at Chennai. District Museums  are established to preserve the cultural, artistic, natural and scientific objects for the benefit of the public. Twenty District Museums are functioning under the Department of Museums. The District Museums in addition to the preservation of the cultural and natural heritage, entertains the visiting public providing enjoyment and extend educational activities. Popular Lectures, Training Courses, Seminars, Competitions, Exhibitions, Research Guidance, Outreach Programmes, Organised Tours etc., are some of the educational activities of the District Museums.

Admission fee to the entire district Museums. Holidays – Fridays, Second Saturdays and National Holidays. Working Hours: 9.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Entrace Fee :
Rs. 5/- for Adults (Indian Nationals)
Rs. 3/- for Children below 12 years (Indian Nationals)
Rs. 2/- for bonafide students and teachers in groups with prior permission (Indian Nationals)
Rs. 100/- or US $ 2 for Adults (Non-Indian Nationals)

The Museum in karur was opened to the public in 2000. The specimens include bronze items, metal-ware objects, musical instruments, coins, rocks and minerals, fossils, botanical specimens, molluscan shells, and other marine specimens.

The educational activities of this Museum include Guide service, popular lectures etc.

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Rock with Jain Sculpture

Rock with Jain Sculpture in Aiyarmalai



March 2007:

In Andankoil West, when the earth was dug for construction work in Nathamedu, Saravana Nagar, the construction workers stumbled upon a small of pot of Gold Coins, each weighing 300 Milligrams. The Coins date back to Vijayanagar Empire peroid in 16th Century A.D. There were 53 Gold coins on the whole. Each coin has been in scripted with images of Peacock on one side and Pig on the other side. The coin might have used for regular business transactions and to give as gift to poets and others, as per the Curator of Archeological Department, Karur. The coins were tested for purity. This treasure further establishes the historical importance of Karur.

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