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The Karur District  is comprised with khondolite and charnockite group of rocks, both constituting the Eastern Ghat super group of Archaean age.  The khondolite group comprises sillimanite gneiss with or without garnet, calc granulite and crystalline limestone, while the charnockite group includes magnetite quartzite with or without grunerite, basic granulite and charnockite.  They were all formed due to granulite facies grade metamorphism of preexisting aluminous, calcareous, silicious sediments and basic flows.



Low grade to Cement grade limestone is found extensively at Kulithalai Taluk (Thevarmalai,  Melapaguthi, Varavanai, Vellalapatti, Keeranur, Pothuravutham patti, Kalladai, Kaliyapatti etc., villages), at Aravakurichi Taluk (Esanatham, Ammapadi.

Alamarathupatti, Thennilai etc., villages) and K.Pitchampatti of Karur Taluk.  The limestone is being used at Cement industries, as fillers in the fertilizer and in the cem factories.  Presently 30 leases are existing at Karur District.



Milky to glassy variety of  Quartz and Potash feldspar with an average of 12% potash is the common economic mineral available extensively at Aravakurichi Taluk (Pungambadi-West, Nagampalli, Punjaikalakurichi, Pavithram, Soodamani, Venjamangudalur (East), Aravakurichi, Kodanthur (South), Rajapuram, Kodaiyur etc., villages) less prominently at Kulithalai Taluk   (D.Edayapatti, Sengal, Varavanai, Pannapatti, Vadavambadi etc., Villages)  and at Karur Taluk (Velliyanai- South Village).  High grade Quartz is being exported, low grade used in the manufacture of glass and Feldspar in the ceramic and tile manufacturing industries.  Presently 42 leases are existing at Karur District.

Apart from the above good quality of Gem variety such as Ruby  (cordierite in the cordierite sillimanite gneiss) and beryl (acquamarine in the pegmatite vein in acicular shapes) are the common man’s hunt at Keeranur, Muthunaickenpatti, Varavanai and Pannapatti villages of Kulithalai Taluk. Other gem variety such glassy crystallised quartz, amythist and moonstone (catseye) etc., are also prevalent.

Quartz Quartz Quartz



There are good quality of hard rocks which are particularly  available at Kulithalai and Aravakurichi Taluks.  But the rocks available at Thogamalai, Naganur, Kalugur and Porunthalur of Kulithalai Taluk are of export worthy and they are being operated for the extraction of granite blocks both by M/s.TAMIN and private companies.



The Charnockite rocks are found to occur in K.Paramathi, Punnam areas etc., which are exploited to produce building materials and road metals.  The river sand of Amaravathi and Cauvery finds very good market in the adjacent districts.

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